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The key difference between people who trade stocks and professional stock traders, is strategy. At Edge Trading, our sole mission is to teach you a successful trading strategy that will enable you to consistently make money trading the markets.

Welcome to Edge Trading LLC

Edge Trading was formed with the sole purpose to teach both new and veteran traders a specific math based methodology of trading within the securities markets as well as to teach a unique way of managing risks and profits. Traders must learn a new way of thinking as the market evolves. Edge Trading has put together a comprehensive plan so that each trader can benefit from a defined set of formulas, regardless of experience or size of capital.

Meet Mark Moskowitz

Creating The Lifestyle You Deserve

Edge Trading, LLC was formed by Mark Moskowitz, a 20+ veteran of Wall Street. Mr. Moskowitz has held various positions throughout his career, as he started out as a financial advisor with PaineWebber, Mr. Moskowitz began his own hedge fund in 2003 with average of returns of over 26% through the life of the fund. Mr. Moskowitz has been trading independently and teaching since 2009.

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Daily Digest

What looked like a strong day for stocks are being marred by 1) The test (and possible failure) of the S&P 500 touching the 50 day SMA and 2) Oil and oil related names are selling off and putting in possible topping tails on their daily charts. Oil has had a huge 5 day run going into today, but is finally showing some weakness as names like XOM, CVX, SLB, CXO and EOG all showing signs that this big run could be coming to an end.  Before we right the eulogy, let’s wait for the day to e…Read More

Day Trading

Have you hear the statement, “THE TREND IS YOUR FRIEND”?  Trend following is in my opinion the only way to be long term successful in the business of trading and investing.  Only a few large institutions truly control the direction of securities prices so in part, a good trader needs to understand this and relinquish control to those major players.  When you do that, you immediately establish yourself as more professional. The amateur trader is that trader that thinks they can pus…Read More

Pivot Points

One of the most important parts of being a successful day trader is having a strategy that gives you clarity in why you are entering a trade.  In my 25 years on Wall Street, I have yet to find another indicator that give you as much information and clear trading signals as pivot points do.  Here are the reason I believe you must use pivot points as a day trader. 1) Pivot Points provide very clear buy and sell signals.  I truly believe that a main reason that traders fail in this business is t…Read More

Swing Trading

Bear markets are a great place to make a lot of money in the short run, the start of this bear market is coming quick and it will be interesting to see how long it lasts.  The 14 day RSI on the SPY closed Friday at 25.29 (Already Oversold) and the index is indicating to open down 4 points which will make the RSI even more oversold. The best thing about a market that finally sells off like we are seeing is that it loosens up the trading and investing because it is much more comfortable to inves…Read More